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Website Questionnaire

    In order to provide you with a proposal, we ask that you fill out the following form as accurately as you can. We understand if you are not familiar with some of the terms or functions and will be happy to answer any questions or follow-up with a phone call.







    If you have an existing domain name(s), please enter it below.

    What are your primary goals for the website?

    What 'call-to-actions' should be on the site?

    What type of functions would you like to have?
    BlogCalendar/EventsClient TestimonialsContact/Feedback FormDonation FormE-Commerce (Shop)Email Capture FormPhoto GalleryStaff/Board BiosOther

    How many pages do you estimate for the initial development (i.e., home, about, staff, board, events, our services, contact us, etc.)?
    1-56-1010-2020-500ver 50

    Please enter the addresses for some sample sites that you like.

    Do you already have a website hosting account (we will need access)? If not, we can provide hosting for a nominal fee.
    Yes, we have a hosting accountNo, we will create an hosting accountNo, we will probably use your hosting

    Will you or one of your staff want to edit pages/content (add/edit posts, text, images, etc.) or manage (backup, security, updates, etc.) the site? If not, we offer maintenance plans.
    We will edit the pages/content and manage the siteWe will edit the content, but want you to manage the siteWe may want to edit the content down the road, but not right awayWe want you to edit the content and manage the site

    If you’d like to edit, update or manage the site, what’s your technical skill level?
    I don’t know too much about computers and would need a lot of direction.I’m capable but would need some clear direction.I’m advanced and can learn very quickly.

    Please provide any other feedback or comments that’ll help us in creating a proposal.